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Advice please

posted Aug 17, 2015 21:20:22 by jacobrichardson6
20 years old, working out for two years, pretty educated about bodybuilding and I love working out everyday. What should my first cycle be and if would igf 1 be a good starter?
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gator7 said Aug 23, 2015 21:42:33
always good to get a decent base before you start pushing gear. but first time good ole test and if you wanted add low dose of an oral first 4 weeks. Cant go wrong with test its a hormone your body already makes. if your going to come off i would deff recommend a pct of clomid nolva and hcg. this has always worked perfect for me. ive doen just clomid and nolva and it works fine. but that hcg is a real catalyst man. good luck.
RyanWisniewski said Aug 24, 2015 02:14:53
I agree!i am 22 and im on my first cycle as well and like he said you cant go wrong with test bro! im on 300mg/week test E..i feel amazing and honestly its the best thing ive ever done in my life.. I cant wait to see whats yet to come! crossing over to the supernatural world made all the differences haha, goodluck man!
Bostin Loyd said Oct 08, 2015 22:02:07
500 mgs of test e a week with .5 adex eod would be a perfect first cycle
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