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Where do I get legit aromasin or arimadex

posted Aug 19, 2015 04:31:48 by MosesCastillo
Hey guys I'm new to the forum and I just started my first cycle of test cypionate 400 mgs a week. I haven't felt no sensitivity in my nipples yet no bloat either just want to have on hand just case or can I go with out it? and I don't know where to get legit arimadex or aromasin. Thanks
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gator7 said Aug 23, 2015 21:13:29
Ive had no issues with transformix or G&M. at 400 you dont need much maybe .5 every other day adex. 12.5 aromasin. It all depends how sensitive you are to estrogen sides. Im sure some ppl can take 400 and not need anything. But prolly good to play it safe and at least take a little bit. what test cyp you using?
Bostin Loyd said Oct 14, 2015 18:18:01
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