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Stealth Gear

posted Aug 20, 2015 14:03:48 by ChristianMiller
Straight up ordered like 10,000mg's worth of tren ace from them, been feeling okay at 400MG a week. I'll keep fucking real here tho. Don't buy stealth ace from these fools. Their shit is super diluted. This is my second time around running it, and I'm not going to claim that its bunk, its just fuckin whackkk haha. Don't ever plan on buying their ace again. However, on the flip side, my boys been running test E and EQ from them. That shit is legit as fuckk. Their test prop is a go, as well. I just transitioned from test prop over to test C because im about to cruise. So in a quick break down, test C, test E, test prop and EQ is legit. DONT fucking buy their ace tho. <3
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RyanWisniewski said Aug 25, 2015 02:06:59
bro one of my friends just ran their tren a and test prop and hot great results but maybe it was just the prop haha..anyway im on their test E and post injection fucking hurts lk a MF!! do you got any probs with the PIP from them or am i just a pussy cos ill put a cc of their test anywhere in my body and i wakeup w a fucking knot everytime bro haha, shit works tho..
Bostin Loyd said Oct 08, 2015 22:01:11
I used stealth and i liked it but i hear they are hit or miss these days
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