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Newb - info overload

posted Sep 11, 2015 18:03:49 by Frollo
Hey guys been lurking for a while trying to gain as much knowledge as i can. Looking heavily into running some gear, yet want to do it smart and safe. I'm 32, never run a cycle. i'm 6'4" 250 atm probably 215-220 without the gut. My primary goal is to loose weight, secondly put on a little mass specifically shoulders. Have been implementing a fairly strict diet around 2250 cals primarily protein / fat, minimizing carbs (they naturally sneak in just not choosing to seek them out). I have 3 little kids so still on 3 meals a day. Workouts consist of xfit 3 days a week, Hockey 2 days a week, mixed with some running thrown in on off days. My intent is to continue on with that and throw in some gym work at nights time allowing.

I'm looking for some assistance as i'm a why guy. Need to understand the why before the how. but i'm looking for advice on what i should do. From what i have read it seems like B says to run test-e as a first cycle. The bigger guys are running several things, is there any resource handy that i can look at that explains the why of those drugs? How are they interacting in a way that is advantageous.

For instance If you are on GH and are running that and want to augment with peptides you would run some GHRH and GHRP to stimulate your own GH and augment with more.

when would you use win in addition to test-e or would you swap one for the other?
i know everyone is different but at what level would you have to be at to start worrying about adding Nolvadex or Clomid or something else to prevent gyno.

wyatt posted this - and i'm hoping someone can chime in to add the surrounding clarity

Week 1-12
Test 750mg a week
Eq 600mg a week - how does it interact with the test? / why in addition
Tren 300mg a week - how does it interact with the test? / why in addition
Adex .5mg ed - assuming anti gyno

Fat loss shit
Clen- start at 20-40mcg ed and up 20mcg every for or 5 days till about 100mcg max. Run about 8weeks straight - is this useful in its own right outside of the above gear? how does this expedite the fat loss

T3 take 25mcg ed and up 12.5mcg when fat loss slows. Dont go over 50mcg. - need more info on the T3

Hgh 4iu a day. 2iu in the am and 2iu afternoon. - as i'm sure most do, need a good source!
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Bostin Loyd said Oct 02, 2015 20:11:49
If its your first cycle just do test e 500 mgs a week with .5 adex eod... as far as diet u needa do more then 3 meals... do 3 meals 3 shakes.... this will help a ton.. and yes just have carbs around workouts
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