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do site injection make that part bigger

posted Jan 02, 2016 10:25:05 by nappinj
do site injection really make that part of area bigger, my ass did not get bigger, is it really worth it? i used to do delts but once got a little numbness for a couple days using 1 inch needle. do not want to hit nerve
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k k said Jan 06, 2016 21:50:02
if done correctly

glutes don't grow because you don't inject enough oil in there, glutes can hold more volume and ontop of that most people barely even get into the glute because they don't use long enough needles let alone get deep in the glute
Tanner simpson said Mar 30, 2016 16:51:13
The steroid does not make the muscle bigger but the extra volume the gear can give a synthol like effect but that is it. You do not get more growth from the steroid in that particular muscle
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