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Question for Bostin about what to do with high hematocrit and hemoglobin levels as well as kidney health regaurding proteinuria

posted Mar 15, 2016 05:10:22 by 1234jjs
I need to donate blood even when I run as little as 300 mgs of test E a week. What the hell do you and others do that run grams of test with EQ and others anabolics. Do you really donate every 8 weeks. I recently just dropped my TRT dose to 250 mgs a week for 40 weeks and will do a 12 week cycle of 750 mgs of Test C and 300 mgs of tren ace for 1st 6 weeks then switch to 375 mgs of test C, 50 mgs tren ace a week as well as a blend off test PP 100mgs, 100 mgs of tren ace, and 100 mgs of masterone 3 x weekly for total of 675 mgs of test, 450 tren ace, and 300 mgs of masterone a week for last 6 weeks. 1 mg of arimidex daily as well as 20 mgs of nova daily and .5 mgs of cabergoline 2 x week. Do you think with just running 250 a week for 40 weeks with a 12 week cycle as I laid out will allow me to not have to donate blood as well as not be too hard on my kidneys. And what would be best oral to run. I was thinking proviron 50 mgs daily and anavar 40-50 mgs daily during the 12 week cycle. Sorry for all those questions in one paragraph but my cyle plan, kidney heath, and hemo levels are most important to me. Figured I pay money so hoping Bostin could take a few to answer my questions in one shot. Thanks ahead of time brother.
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Tanner simpson said Mar 25, 2016 20:46:46
I know this was for Bostin but he did not answer and I am the forum mod so just giving you my input. This is a very genetic issue, some people still have to donate on a trt dose, some do not. if you know yours gets red blood cells get high easily then I suggest you donate 3 to 4 times a year and don't risk letting them get out of normal range. Kidney Health is mainly about drinking a lot of water, over a gallon a day and not abusing oral steroids. And any time you hear about a bodybuilder having kidney problems it is not even from the steroids in is from the diuretics and thing they used like that around show time. hope this helps
1234jjs said Mar 28, 2016 02:57:08
Thanks. The reason I brought up the kidneys is I do have some issues already. My kidneys leak protein. My blood work comes back normal and shows everything is working great as far as blood is concerned. But obviously if my kidneys are leaking protein in urine test there is something going on. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the 2 main reasons people have the condition and I have neither. So that's why I figured it may have something to do juicing and drinking alchohol. I cut back drinking big time and am going to do just one cycle a year while dropping my cruise dose down to 250mgs of test rest of year. I get your point on donating blood and drinking water which is why I do that, just didn't know if there were any tricks or supplements used for the kidneys, or steroids to definitely avoid. I normally don't mess with orals and try and stay hydrated. And I take kidney cleanse and cystone. I didn't know what top guys do to protect kidneys.
Tanner simpson said Mar 29, 2016 16:03:30
Any supplement that claims to help your kidneys is probably a gimmick. Most orals are not liver toxic like people think unless abused OR when any amount of alcohol is added in the picture... even one drink a night. I would just continue to get your kidneys check annually, stay hydrated and 0 alcohol when you run an oral. I do like a supplement called cycle support by ai sports if you have the extra money to spend on something you dont even no for sure will help
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