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Contest prep diet , t3 , cycle advice

posted Mar 17, 2016 16:52:53 by JiamingKhing
Hi there , I'm currently 5 weeks out from my show , currently on Liquid Clen + T3 50mcgs , IGF LR3 50MCGS ED for 4 weeks , GH 5IU ED , TREN A , TEST PROP AND MAST PROP 100MG EOD + ANAVAR by Pharmacom labs 60MG ED. With such a cycle , should i increase protein and carbs for the metabolism + growth while leaning out?

Gotta shred up for the show but the drugs are making me crazy hungry . Usually i eat extra carbs / protein ON TOP OF PRESCRIBED MACROS pre bed .

Problem is not sure t3 is underdosed or bunk , it is by MEDITECH LABS 25 mcg , i checked from the site and it is authentic. Should i bump it up to 62.5mcgs - 75 mcgs ED before tapering down til show day or it is good at 50mcgs and i can eat more on them cycles?

Training 5x a week
Cardio 4x 500 kcals session , 2x HIIT session 20mins
Macros 270g P , 200g C , 55g Fat
Refeed Days x 2 / week 200g P , 400g C , 40g F

Thanks , i really need help because my coach has no knowledge on drugs BUT he is working with me so i have to give in my input as well.
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Tanner simpson said Mar 25, 2016 19:25:27
at 25 mcg for the t3 you are just replacing your natural output of t3, you need to bump up to 50mcg to get results. As for upping food and all that I can not answer because I do not know what you look like. If you are leaning out too fast then up food some, if you are not losing bf then lower food or add cardio
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