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HCG need opinion on something

posted Apr 25, 2016 01:45:11 by Ironjunkie
Someone has just recently told me that hcg that is not mixed yet so in powder form still needs to be kept in the refrigerator I think there full of shit.i thought that if it's unconstituted it's fine to keep it in like your medicine cabinet until you use it please correct me if I'm wrong
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Tanner simpson said Apr 25, 2016 14:31:48
It would last longer in the fridge or freezer unconstituded but we are talking if you want to keep it for years... in your med cabinet for a few months is fine. just keep away from sunlight or heat
Ironjunkie said Apr 25, 2016 18:54:09
K thanks bro that's what I figured
Anabolic Ace said Apr 25, 2016 23:49:25
Room temp is fine for non constituted hcg.
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