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TREN Cycle

posted Jun 18, 2016 15:58:54 by john smith

I started out workinh with bostin for my very first cycle taking
250 mgs test e 2 x a week
150 mgs mast p 3 x a week
200 mg eq 2 x a week
For about 20 weeks.

I switched out the eq for npp at around 20 weeks and ran it for another 16 weeks.

Just finished PCT cruising for 12 weeks.

I want to try Tren for the first time. But im unsure about how i should dose it as well as what to stack with it.

Im 28. 6 feet. 17% body fat and weight is 215.

What do you guys think ?
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Tanner simpson said Jun 18, 2016 17:40:06
Use tren ace, start at 100 every other day. 800 test, 400 tren, 400 mast p, or 600 eq
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