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Enlarged heart

posted Jun 27, 2016 14:32:08 by JoshLawler
Hi guys I just recently went to my primary Doctor a few days ago, I wanted to get my heart checked out , on Father's Day I made a huge mistake by taking two fat burners and two cups of coffe. It was a big mistake I had a rapid heartbeat and didn't feel that great being thick headed I decided to cut the grass and weed Wack despite my fiancé begging me not to but we were having company over so I went a head. I wasn't feeling good for the rest of the day. So I went on with my normal work which my job is a electrician for solar city be my job is very physical and strenuous I tend to put work before my needs like staying hydrated and eating meals. They have a panel pay incentive so the faster you get the job done the more money you will make essentially were killing ourselves out there in all the elements. So at the doctor she does a ekg and she discovered that I had reversed flipped t waves and sends me to the hospital and I was in disbelief and got emotional. I did admit to using anabolic steroids which I will get into my cycle shortly. So I see the cardiologist the next day and he tells me I have a enlarged heart like all athletes do and he recommends me have a stress test and echocardiogram which will be preformed tommorow. Now me personally I would like to point the finger at my job for most of my problems , but I have been taking no doz almost everyday or energy drink here and there and I have been dabbling with anabolics over the years but nothing to serious as far as cycle wise . My current cycle is tren a 100 mg every other day test prop 100 mg eod and masteron p 100 mg eod and test e 750mg week probably biggest cycle I ever took .and I haven't touched anything since Thursday when I went to the doctors. I do have a history of high blood pressure and diabetes. As crazy as this sounds I don't want my steroid days to be over I need some good true advice on what to do here ? I asked my cardiologist about them and told him I was taking them now he just replied live a normal life .i would like to get my blood pressure down as usually is 140 over 70 on a good day . So I just need some solid advice from this community you can ask me any questions to I case I forget something thanks!!!
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JoshLawler said Jun 30, 2016 00:29:50
Here's pic of my blood work

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