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Gear Labs/Anabolicace

posted Jul 01, 2016 17:30:55 by Tanner simpson
First off when ordering drugs there will always be risk, drug dealers are not always the most moral people out. Some labs may build big reputation with good gear, cut quality and keep racking in the cash till they go under, some get a bunch of orders and screw the customer, some get busted. There is so much risk when buying gear. Myself and Bostin have lost THOUSANDS ordering from very very reputable sources that have been around for years. I personally have sent ace over 7k in the last 7 months and did 3 orders before I told you guys about him. A lot of people had a good supplier for a while and were very happy, shit happens and it is no ones fault but aces. People that blame me, well I guess I won't give you guys anymore info on a good source since for some reason people make it sound like I can control someone else's morals or whether the lab gets popped which very well could have happened here.
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gncbr0 said Jul 02, 2016 00:29:28
I would love to hear of another great us domestic source. I'm thinking of ordering in advance from napsgear, but just wondering on some other thoughts
baybecool1 said Dec 26, 2020 09:42:00
I will visit your sharing regularly, I hope to cooperate with you. us map
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